Monday, October 31, 2005

Post #1 this is my first blog!..Welcome one and all to The Rock 'n' Roll Kitchen. Keep one eye here for regular posts on all things food and cooking related. Find out about my stupid recipes and wonderous tips in the kitchen. From dressed crabs to microwaved egg-splosions, from Sabatier to Global to my homemade soups and Fiorentina Pizzas.

Here is a pic of me doing my day job. This may well have been at this year's Reading Festival, but i can't be sure...they all blend into one after a while.




Rachael said...

My MY.

Don't get too frustrated with the formatting...check out, it may help.

Good luck with the blog, and thanks for the link! :-)

Backyard Chef said...

Cool site, Dennis. I've never made Yorkshire Pudding, but I think I'll have to try, now. Good luck and have fun!


Dennis Caswell said...

Get to it b.c...i hope it turns out well!

Joe said...

Nice to see another food blog Dennis! Great job so far!