Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mostly Chocolate

I must admit that i do really like eating chocolate. Normally i have something like 3 bars a day, or lately, i've taken to having those large bars from sainsbury's. I like this and also this.
The place where i rehearse with my band is directly next to a Spar and so inevitably we all get stuff like chocolate and cans of coke and anything else that's really unhealthy.
I did have a few vegetables done simply in my steamer today, but i also had this, 1 of these, 1 of these and 1 of these.

for those of you who share my interest, not only in eating chocolate, but also in naming and remembering those bars we had as kids and that are no longer available, this (U.S) is cool. I cant seem to find a U.K site with actual images of old chocolate bars. I was at least expecting to find an image of a marathon. This site is pretty cool though and does talk about the old sweets we used to have.

This site here is very funny. I can't believe the attention-to-detail somebody would go to. Somebody is actually paying to have this on the net. Good work! Here is another site with a detailed archive of current and existing chocolate bar wrappers, again Why? springs to mind.

For those of you who don't share my enthusiam however, you might want to see this. (in all seriousness it is a bit worrying and contradictory to say the least).


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