Saturday, November 05, 2005

Product Review - Peugeot Paris Pepper Mill

So...This is my first product review. I was lucky enough to get one of these phallic beauties for my birthday back in September and so i thought i might tell people about it.

I've been used to using those disposable single-use grinders from the supermarket, which end up being expensive when you use as much pepper as i do, or, when you have a house-mate that likes to grind a small mountain of the spicy stuff all-over just about anything, from sandwiches to crackers to toast and probably chocolate. Not only that, they are restrictive and just tend to grind the pepper quite finely, with no option for adjustment.
Furthermore, do they look like the one in the picture? they don't.

So what do i think of it?

In short, it's great. Touted as one of, if not the best on the market....and you thought Peugeot just made these.
It's tall, ro-bust and beautifully finished in red lacquer.
The mechanics of it are simple; un-screw the chrome cap on the top,
lift the head from the threaded spindle and pour in the pepper corns. Replace the head and screw the cap on. Turn the cap clock-wise (tighter) for finer grinding, anti-clockwise (looser) for coarsely ground pepper. Lifting the whole thing up and looking underneath, reveals the heavy-duty components that do all the work. The whole thing has an overall look about it that says it will last for years without ever letting you down.

Here are a couple of sites i've found where you can buy one:

I would highly recommend a pepper grinder like this one; an essential item in the kitchen.


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Wow!! I like it! It's beautiful.