Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tea Total

My girl accidentally picked up the wrong tea from Marks & Spencer earlier today. I don't blame her of course, she's American you know? She never seems to get her donuts mixed up, always recognises the right hamburger relish even if the labels are different. That kind of thing.
I'm joking of course, I don't even know why I'm writing it because if she sees it, she'll most likely fillet me with one of my own Globals'.

She returned from the shops with no less than 2 big boxes of loose tea. It was on offer, B.O.G.O.F. Ordinarily I would have agreed that was a smart move, but we don't have a tea-pot you see. My first thought was to get my ass on eBay and buy one. It's logical when you're an impulse buyer. Her first thought was to walk the 5 minutes back into town and exchange the tea.....Where's the fun in that?

You may be forgiven for thinking that this isn't going anywhere. You would be more or less right, except for 2 things that are pretty cool, one more so than the other. The first thing that springs to mind is I can make a second attempt at smoking my own fish with the tea and a few other ingredients (the only other time I tried to do this was a couple of years ago and involved a bamboo steamer lots of flames and the harming of innocent haddock fillets).

The other revelation I had is that this loose tea works fine in the coffee machine. I'm sure that's not much of a revelation to many people but it certainly is to silly old me. I never knew you could do that and it works really very well indeed. I've used 4 rounded teaspoons to successfully make a full jug of tea that sits neatly on it's hotplate downstairs as I write. That equates to lots of tea when I consider the size of the 2 boxes we have.

So there we have it: Loose tea in the coffee machine. What will I think of next? Maybe I'll boil an egg in the kettle or something.


Quick Guide On Smoking Food:

  • Use a mixture of saw dust, wood chips (available from places that sell barbecue products) loose tea, rice and dry spices.
  • Use a wok lined with tin foil and with a raised wire rack on the top.
  • Place the fish or meat on the rack, cover the wok and place on a medium heat for the required time.

Please be very careful when smoking food at home. Only an idiot like me would try to use a bamboo steamer and I can't be held responsible for people burning loved-ones or houses to the ground.

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