Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yorkshire Puddings - Revised

With this little blog 'o' mine, what tends to go on it actually reflects what I want/have to cook and eat each day. I generally let that which I actually want take priority, and so the blog follows. Obviously I occasionally choose something to make and go out and buy the ingredients, but for the most part, I go with what's in the fridge.
Inevitably what this means is that, at times, I cook the same things or I cook the most very basic of foods that really aren't worth writing about.
One of my first posts was for Yorkshire Puddings; something I really like to make and also something that can bit a bit hit-and-miss. I made some today, to the same recipe I always use, only with 2 differences:

  • After the batter is chilled for 30 mins or so, I added 1 egg yolk and whisked, before sticking in the oven.
  • At the end of cooking, I briefly turned each pudding over (cooking for a further 3 mins or so)
The first is taken from a Jamie Oliver tip that I saw on t.v and seems to help the bad boys rise up a bit more, as well as adding to the colour and improving the texture.

The second tip is one I saw recently done by Gordon Ramsay, on The F-Word. This little trick ensures that the bottom of each pud is fully cooked and crisp, instead of being a bit soggy sometimes.

I thought I might share these tips as well as taking the opportunity to actually post a pic, now that I have the means to do so.


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