Thursday, February 07, 2008

So Much To Tell.....

A hell of a lot has changed since I last posted on here....

I've put down the axe and picked up the Global full-time...So I guess I can now call myself a chef! I've been working very hard for the past year. So much so, that I am about to take my first head-chef post at The Bathurst Arms in Gloucestershire.
It's been a bumpy ride and I've been on the steepest learning-curve known to all mankind.

I have so many recipes that I want to put up on here and I'm going to make a point of spending a part of one day each week doing so.

I hope I can share some cool ideas with you and in-turn, get back into the whole sharing recipes thing that works so well using this 'ere thing they call the interweb.

I'll be back shortly.


1 comment:

diva said...

hey. cool site, gonna link u to my own. hope to see lots of cool posts from ya dude x