Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year 2011

For one reason or another, the new year has bought about changes for me thus (and in no particular order) Firstly I began the year in a state of flux with only 3 hours paid work per day whilst I wait for a new cafe to change hands and for us to get in and take over the running. The impact of this has been that I have all but abandoned the car this year in favour of cycling. The location of aforementioned 3 hours daily work has meant that I'm now cycling at least 4 miles per day. My fitness is improving already. The next change (a somewhat less important one) is that my iPhone is broke. I'm currently waiting for a verdict from my phone insurance company as to whether they will fix it or replace it - or indeed, reject the claim altogether. This has lead to my purchasing of a £13 PAYG phone with which to continue to use my contract mins and texts. So. No driving, more active, better fitness. Less time spent updating fb and surfing the void for new apps instead of being productive....All the things that people cite when carefully constructing new year's resolutions that they won't stick to yet again, for the umpteenth year running. The difference being that mine where forced upon me, rather than through choice. No matter though as this all still achieves the same result. Why did I admit to this rather than just pretending that this was all the result of careful consideration in an attempt to relieve guilt through abstinence following overindulgence at Xmas?...Well that's because my new year's resolution was to be more honest.


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