Sunday, November 20, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Ahhh. Being back home, in the warmth and comfort. Is there really anything better? I say no. Played an absolutely insane show last night, in a very small, very hot club with too many people inside it. Kids going nuts for the hits of the day.....

Now then, so how was the fish and chips? What could be better than battered plaice, chips and mushy peas, on a plate, with a knife and fork, salt and pepper, ketchup, bread and butter and a mug of tea.....All for the princely sum of £4.05. That is seriously cheap, I'm tellin' ya. That lot (if you could even get it all to take-away in Derby) would be at least £5.00, wrapped up in paper, requiring your own plate and cutlery and without a nice lady to take your plate away and get it all clean again.

I also ate some pretty good Sushi from Tesco on the journey down to Southend. I rarely go to Tesco, there isn't one near why I live and Mum never went there when i was a kid. This stuff is cheap; 99p gets you 3 pieces of the usual stuff like Smoked Salmon Maki and egg-topped Nigri wrapped in seaweed. Comes with a miniature bottle of soy too. It's really not the adventurous stuff, but it's certainly much better than the usual Tuna, Sweetcorn and Mayo sandwiches we buy. I think I'll get it a bit more often.

Busy Busy Busy.....
Off to Leeds tomorrow morning, to spend 1 day recording a track for a compilation cd, coming out near to christmas. Should be a challenge! Not used to recording so quickly.

I will endeavour to post tomorrow from the studio, if i get the opportunity.


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