Friday, November 18, 2005

Tonight, Tomorrow...The Next Day

More shows, more shows.

Playing Nottingham tonight at The Tone Club. Should be a whole 'lotta fun indeed. Rumour has it, we should expect our full rider to actually be in the dressing room when we arrive....Oh joy
is me!

Southend-On-Sea tomorrow night. I'm thinking fish 'n' chips (well it would be rude not to at the seaside wouldn't it?).

So...not a lot of cooking for me over the weekend. No partaking in the creation of "new kitchen
calamities" - sounds like the name of a band to me.



Anonymous said...

When you are a superstar, you have to write a cookbook. I see it as a tell all best seller with recipes. BRILLIANT.

Lady Lavender of the Kitchen said...

I thought it was interesting that we were both in bands and had food blogs. Very random. : )

Dennis Caswell said...

...I shall call the book (and i've already thought about this!)
"How I Made My Mignons"