Monday, November 14, 2005

An Interesting / Bizarre Day....

I bumped into a friend of mine today, by the name of Jyoti Mishra, of White Town fame. To be accurate, he came up behind me when I was looking in the window of Jessops at the digital cameras. I was hatching a no-brainer of a plan, thinking about if I could steal one because there's no way I'm going to afford the one I really want. I must admit that I find myself feeling guilty. What ensued was a very interesting conversation re:digital photography with regards to photographing food...We walked and talked and met up with another friend who gave good advice too. "It sounds to us as though you would need an xxxx rather than a yyyy, that would be great for what you need". "Ah that sounds great to me...". "That would also be great for when you're on tour, capturing the kinds of low-light shots that present themselves, in the dressing room or on the tourbus".
So then I thought to myself, "..yeah I'm actually supposed to be in a band really, and not writing about food on a blog". I guess it's addictive, to the point of being dangerous! So anyway, I'm borrowing a camera tomorrow, to see how I get on. It'll be good to get back into doing some serious photography - combined with one of my main passions in life (food).
I made a sort of a salad last night (about 3am). I couldn't sleep - that's normal for me with my schedule - and was thinking about the 1/2 onion and dwarf beans in the fridge. It could've all gone so wrong....but it worked well in the end! Anyway, I'm going to make it again, along with another idea with onions - hopefully tomorrow - and take some pics too.

ps. How can the Blogger spell checker not recognise the word blog?
What's that all about? We shouldn't have to click "learn" for words like "blog" surely?

pps. Is the act of adding a "borrowed" image of a digital camera onto a post about not having a camera and needing to not "borrow" images all the time, an example of irony? I never know with things like that...


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